Monday, September 27, 2010

Minnie Mouse dress

This is not something I did for KCWC, actually I really struggled with finding an hour each day this week- so scratch that last post- I worked on putting the sewing room together a little each day, should have documented that with photos. But seriously I am really inspired by all the moms out there that create beautiful things everyday- I've just been reading a few posts of the KCWC and there is a lot of talent out there!! Where do you find the time!!
On to the Minnie mouse dresses- I did these while at my sisters house this summer. It was my nephews Micky Mouse theme 3rd birthday so I made Cece and Tilly matching dresses (they loved being twins).I didn't have a pattern just kept in mind the pillow case patterns out there. It was a quick project that turned out perfect for the party. 

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