Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MMMM Champ

In case you didn't know around here we consider march to be Million Man Mustache March. Thanks to a few friends, R decided he should join in on the fun(whoopee). This is a man who can grow a full beard over night(very Italian) so he started about mid month and has a pretty full on 'long schanks/handle bar' mustache going on. Since some of the men playing along will be going up to doe bay with us, I decided I should make a t-shirt for the champion. Not just print on a t-shirt but MAKE one!! Who knew you could make a t-shirt and it would be so easy?? I got the pattern here and whipped it up in no time! I am truly excited about how it turned out and secretly hoping everyone shaves but R before the trip so I can keep it. Here is a pic before I printed on it, and after(you can see the handle bar mustache he's got. OH and it is MOVING DAY today!!! We will be moving the big stuff over and I am pretty excited to get there!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


We have had a wonderfully busy week in our home. The move is going great, its been the easiest we have had in a long time. I am still finishing a few projects that have to be done by monday, so that I can help on the big moving day. I just finished the silk screen for the bands t shirts, and will hopefully print them tomorrow. Also after mending R's scrubs last week, I decided he needed a new pair. I finished these a few days ago, and gave them to him today (his birthday) they are made from thrifted sheets. Baby T has a little cold so I have been up long hours and cuddling with her a lot. I am surprised at how much I have gotten done over the past few days and am so excited for my vacations coming up!! first doe bay, second augusta, ga to see the masters with my family! It will be fun.
Happy Birthday My Love!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today we packed up a lot of things and took a car load over to the new house. While we were out we went over to the library to have some quite time for baby t, borrowed a few books and came home to pack more. I did not get any projects finished, but I started the work for the bands t-shirts I will be doing this week. And since it is Wed. and I have already changed to my comfy outfit, I'll share my comfy knit house shoes...that need some patchup attention.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Finished Yet

Today was supposed to be the day I finished all the projects I wanted to get done before we leave for vacation, but it did not go as planned. I did manage to do a lot of stuff, just not what stuff I wanted to do. The only thing I finished was the baby onsie for a friends shower. She is moving to Wisconsin where some family is and so I decided to go with the outline of the state and 'say cheese' saying. It turned out pretty cute I think! The other stuff I did was mostly housework, and I don't think that is all finished either...there are a few diapers waiting to be folded =/ Anyhoo... I will just hope that tomorrow I can get a lot done during the day. Maybe baby T will take a long morning nap, she only just went to sleep about 30 mins ago (its late). So now I have a little over a week to pack for a trip to doe bay, a trip out east and to pack for moving into our new home all by April 1st!!! Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

prep for tomorrow

I spent most of the day out getting the ingredients for carrot cake, and red velvet cake to make for R's joined birthday party with Alison. I made both from scratch and it was crazy. First up the carrot cake- I built up my arm muscles grating carrots!! I also bought to many carrots, looks like we will be cooking with carrots for the next few weeks=) With that in the oven I started the red velvet and ended up with red fingers. I made the coco red dye mixture and it got everywhere!! It's more fun when you get messy right?! Then when everything was baking, I mixed up the frosting. Cream cheesy goodness! I added some blue dye to just a little bit of it and somehow got blue fingers. This is the result. I'm proud of it, its def the prettiest cake and cupcakes I have ever made. I had planned to do a few projects tonight, but it is late and I have a lot to do tomorrow so projects will have to wait until monday!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Today was filled with TO DO's being TA DONE!! There are still a few left to do, mainly things that I need and exacto knife for (I swear I had one somewhere) so I will save those for tomorrow when I can get to the store and get one. I ironed and mended all the scrubs for R, and they really needed it. I made bias tape (with the amazing bias tape tool) for 2 little girl dresses. One of which I will take with me and finish at my sisters, and they other I finished today. The finished one is made from the sheets I used on this dress. Now mommy and baby will match... we will have to find a fun place to go and show our cute selves off, maybe R's b-day party this weekend!! Anyhow, I feel really good about what I accomplished today. I can cross things off the list, and I can start to see packing in my close future. Oh and I also completed a silk screened Tshirt for a friends b-day present. She plays dodge ball and the tshirt is a ball hitting a mans face, with the slogan 'Dodge This'
And I got some inpiration from Grosgrain when I saw her refashion here:
Summer of 69 Thrift Store Refashion Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WWW #3

OH jeez its wednesday again?! I'm boycotting this watcha wearin day because it is making me realize I need to stop wearing sweats everyday! Baby T is going to take my place today because she got dressed in real clothes today... not just a button down sleeper but pants and a shirt!! She is so cute in her "p-town" top, white pants, and those puma sock/shoes. Just precious, and she goes along with the theme of left over st. patty's day. I just loved getting out today, seeing people at the bus stops, walking or biking still in their green. They must have had just as good a night as we did. We attended a potluck style party with some friends at the funky church. We all had so much fun with the accordion player playing her irish tunes and eating all the irish food we could. I had made some irish soda bread and attempted to add green food dye but it ended up looking weird (still tasty though). And after staying out a little later then we should have, we came home for bath time and had a great irish sleep!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Paper Crane Frock and Bread

I made some bread the other day. It was so much fun, and turned out lovely. I ate almost the entire loaf with nothing on it, but today I made a turkey, hummus, lettuce, mustard, avocado sandwich on it and it was soooo yummy! I can do a lot with a sewing machine but i am just realizing what i can create in the kitchen. I've got a long way to go but I'm gettin there.

Also here is another lovely creations found on the blog grosgrain. Such beautiful dresses!!
Paper Crane Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I finished this dress made from sheets today, it is so comfortable I have been wearing it around the house all day long! It has buttons down the front which are great for easy access while I'm nursing. I am really happy with how it turned out.

I also did a little side project while baby was sleeping and bruno the dog was barking at my heals. I made him some rain booties! He didnt mind wearing them... it was raining today and he was happy to be dry. Other than that I still have a lot of projects going on, and hope to finish them within the week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things for Easter

I just finished appliqueing some polos I picked up at the good will. These are for our Easter photo, and they match my nephews shirt I made as well as the little girls dresses I made for niece and baby T. I had to take in R's(my husband) just a little but all in all it was a fun easy project.

I am also done with baby T's dress that I am very happy with. I feel like I kept putting it off, mostly because I couldnt decide which dress to make, in the end I went with this cute smock style. Its the first time I have used bias tape in a while and I forgot how lovely that is to work with. I am looking forward to a busy next couple of weeks, and I will keep you posted on how things develop.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WWW #2 and more aprons!

Last night my sister called and asked if I could make a cow print apron for the new Commanding Officers Wife(COW) . Of course I took the challenge and ran to the fabric store. I put the finishing touches on them this morning, even while not feeling that well. I had enough cow print to make 2 aprons so I figured she could keep it for the next COW. So here are those pictures as well as the other now finished aprons I made for her and her friend. It's also watcha wearin wednesday so I have included a picture of my drab outfit of sweatpants and hoody and my best accessory baby T!! Who is wearing a pink lady bug sleeper and a I heart NY onsie =)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bow Tie

Today I finished the bamboo bow tie for the sew along. It was a really fun little project! I wouldn't have had the urge to make a bow tie otherwise, so I am happy I got the chance. They both turned out great, I made one to keep, and I will send the other one in. I'm not really sure how to tie a bow tie but I did my best. I'm still working on T's dress for easter, and I have added another project for our easter pic. This one should be a quick project, so it wont be long til I post it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nephews shirt

I finished my nephews shirt last night. It was just a basic button down pattern I have done on a larger scale many times before. It was fun to do everything so little. My fav. part is the applique, a deer cut from the dress material I used for my niece and T. I think we will have one of the cutest easter pictures ever! I can not wait to go visit them, I can't stand that they are 3000 miles away! So now I have to finish T's dress, and a few other projects.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

This is a wonderful blog! She is an amazing seamstress, and she has many many giveaways of her work and other things beautiful. I will probably be posting more and more of her amazing things.
I suggest you head over to her blog and check it out, enter a few. But if you win this dress you have to give it to me=)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WWW watcha wearing wednesday

Today is a basic t shirt and jeans day, like every other day these days. At least I got out of my pj's! We had a 4 month check up today that went great, except for those shots, why oh why do they have to give babies shots! anyhoo, this is what i am wearing on this wonderful wednesday.

I am still working on projects, no great progress to report on. And now I am going to go relax a little bit before baby wakes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Day

We had a wonderful day today! Baby T woke up early so she and I cuddled up together for a while. We got dressed and went for a nice walk. We came back and got dinner going in the crock pot with a recipe from the crock pot lady. Then we left to go see a friend and had a great time playing. Molly our friend, was so sweet. She shared everything with T, even tried to feed her some of her oatmeal! It was so much fun. Then we went in to quickly visit with Molly's mommy while she was at work. We got home and played with dada and bruno and have just been hanging around since then. What fun we had... only I did not get any of my projects done, woops!
to top off our great day, everyone is coming over for dinner tonight =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

happy b- day dr.

Today is Dr. Suess' 105th birthday! We decided to celebrate by reading I wish I had duck feet while wearing our knitted duck feet that a friend made for us. We also plan to start on my nephew's shirt and T's dress for our easter photos. My niece already has her bamboo printed dress, T's will be the same bamboo material, different style, and my nephews will be green bamboo with an aplique to match the girls. It looks like we will have a fun day!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a request

Last month I created custom t shirts and bags for a military auction. The t shirt went for $20, and the bag went for $25. They were very fun to make and I hope I can do something for there next one. The bag I created was wonderful, based on my fav.

shopping bag, I will make many more of those! Someone at the auction thought it was an apron from a glance, and asked my sister (whom this was all for) if she could get me to make him one.

So here it is, without their emblem printed, I made it with red thread to match there color scheme (red and black). The bag and apron material is untreated cotton the shirt is american apparel. If you have any custom logos you would like printed on t shirts, homemade bags, or anything else you can come up with, I am always up for a project!