Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WWW #3

OH jeez its wednesday again?! I'm boycotting this watcha wearin day because it is making me realize I need to stop wearing sweats everyday! Baby T is going to take my place today because she got dressed in real clothes today... not just a button down sleeper but pants and a shirt!! She is so cute in her "p-town" top, white pants, and those puma sock/shoes. Just precious, and she goes along with the theme of left over st. patty's day. I just loved getting out today, seeing people at the bus stops, walking or biking still in their green. They must have had just as good a night as we did. We attended a potluck style party with some friends at the funky church. We all had so much fun with the accordion player playing her irish tunes and eating all the irish food we could. I had made some irish soda bread and attempted to add green food dye but it ended up looking weird (still tasty though). And after staying out a little later then we should have, we came home for bath time and had a great irish sleep!

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