Saturday, March 21, 2009

prep for tomorrow

I spent most of the day out getting the ingredients for carrot cake, and red velvet cake to make for R's joined birthday party with Alison. I made both from scratch and it was crazy. First up the carrot cake- I built up my arm muscles grating carrots!! I also bought to many carrots, looks like we will be cooking with carrots for the next few weeks=) With that in the oven I started the red velvet and ended up with red fingers. I made the coco red dye mixture and it got everywhere!! It's more fun when you get messy right?! Then when everything was baking, I mixed up the frosting. Cream cheesy goodness! I added some blue dye to just a little bit of it and somehow got blue fingers. This is the result. I'm proud of it, its def the prettiest cake and cupcakes I have ever made. I had planned to do a few projects tonight, but it is late and I have a lot to do tomorrow so projects will have to wait until monday!

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