Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Finished Yet

Today was supposed to be the day I finished all the projects I wanted to get done before we leave for vacation, but it did not go as planned. I did manage to do a lot of stuff, just not what stuff I wanted to do. The only thing I finished was the baby onsie for a friends shower. She is moving to Wisconsin where some family is and so I decided to go with the outline of the state and 'say cheese' saying. It turned out pretty cute I think! The other stuff I did was mostly housework, and I don't think that is all finished either...there are a few diapers waiting to be folded =/ Anyhoo... I will just hope that tomorrow I can get a lot done during the day. Maybe baby T will take a long morning nap, she only just went to sleep about 30 mins ago (its late). So now I have a little over a week to pack for a trip to doe bay, a trip out east and to pack for moving into our new home all by April 1st!!! Wish me luck!

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