Sunday, April 19, 2009

Masters Moon Pie

At the masters golf tourney you can eat a great meal for about $3.50. Its amazing!! I found this masters moon pie in my hip bag's pocket the other day and was excited to have it as a snack outside of the masters. They offer basic sandwiches and other snacks along with beer and soda. The best combo is to put the chicken breast sandy on the pimento cheese sandy, YUM! I believe my mom came up with that combo. One of the mornings I was there around 6am they were serving breakfast and I decided to put the sausage from the sausage biscuit on the egg salad sandy..... It was delicious!! So if you every find yourself there try these combos, you will be happy you did! Here are a few of the pictures we took from the practice round on wed. april 8th.
The tables with the logos
Arnold Palmer
Justin Leonards kids as caddies
the leader board

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Goats, Snakes, Giraffes Oh MY

We took the kids to the zoo today, and stayed for what seemed like a long time. We are all wiped out now! We had so much fun seeing all the giraffes, armidillos, lions, and pigs to name a few. I am here for 10 more days and plan on doing some crafts sooner or later, right now I am just enjoying being with my sister and her kids. I love them!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sunny Day

After nap time we went out side to enjoy the sun. My sister has a great swing set out back and all of us were enjoying playing on it. We also drew on the pavement with chalk. C was able to write a part of her name, and fill in all the hearts she could find. We had a blast, and got all of our clothes very messy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So... we made it safely to my sisters house after a weekend of fun in Augusta, GA where we watched the Masters. It was a great game this year, 3 way tie for first with the argentinian, Angel Cabrera, winning in the playoff. We had so much fun! If you were watching, you may have seen us on the 16th tee (yes we like to sit on the very spot we got engaged every year we go). Today we took the kids to get pictures taken in our matching easter outfits. It did not turn out so great.... C (3yr old niece) did not want to be there or wear her dress for that matter. So we are going to try agian when mom-mom is around to distract her. That explains my WWW for the day. Baby T and I dressed in our matching outfits.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Doe Bay highlights

While I am still enjoying the beautiful scenery of the masters golf tourney, I am also reminiscing about the wonderful time we had in doe bay with all of our good friends! I was looking at photos today and decided to post a few so you could see what fun we had.

frozen lake on the way up to mt. constitution with tree in middle of it
our friends who walked with us
on top of mt. c (the people pictured biked up!)
R and baby T looking at the view from top of mt. c
view from up top mt. c (mt. black in distance)
the subcons playing the first night

Baby T checking out the view from doe bay resort R and baby T enjoying the view from doe bay resort

R and baby T on ferry

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


4 years ago today I was sitting at the 16th tee at the Masters between rounds with my boyfriend, he looked like he was going to pick something up off the ground and was going to get his pants dirty so I told him to stop. He said wait wait, got down on one knee and asked "mary will you make me merry and marry me?" pulled out a ring box and opened it! I was so excited I pulled the ring out and put it right on my finger, I forget now if I even bothered answering...he could tell from the joy he caused that it was "Yes." 3 years ago today I was getting ready to walk down the aisle at the church I had once upon a younger time mopped the the entire floor of. It was a beautiful rainy day and from my point of view the best wedding I have ever been to! Today we got to take our baby T to the spot where R asked me to marry him. It was a beautiful sunny day and once we dropped baby T back home with a babysitter (first time, I was a reck) we walked the course for the last day of the practice rounds. We all had a blast and it was amazing to see all the pros play with there wifes and children. Now it is time to sleep!! We are worn out from a wonderful day. Happy anniversary R!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

doe a deer

Well, we traveled a lot today and are winding down now. Settling in the house in Augusta, GA, going to the practice round tomorrow. It was so wonderful to see my mom and sister and her kids, I missed them so much! Today I was checking some emails and got a few from some of the people we got to share the doe bay trip with. That really was a great trip, so many people came, and so much fun was had. I will prolly have to document it with a stick figure t-shirt=) (thats what I did for our 2nd doe bay trip last year...will post a pic later) We also went through the pics of the trip today and remembered the first day we were there we looked out of our cabin window and saw a little deer. He tinkled and it looked like my dog when he tries to squat (bad hips) The deer saw us and we looked at each other for a while until he ever so gently trotted away. Oh doe bay, what a wonderful place.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

doe bay doe bay doe

Right now I am sitting in the library at doe bay resort, the cafe is upstairs and The Subcons (R's Band) are upstairs playing. T and I came down around an hour ago because we wanted to hear them play and be in a quite setting. She fell asleep the minute we came down here. It has been a wonderful day, we hiked up a mountain (not that far) we went for a dip in the pool, we sat in the bench overlooking the most amazing view while she napped and I read. I am sad to say we leave tomorrow. Last night we listened to the band play in the yoga studio for mostly friends...we had the mustache contest, R won!!! Yay I get to keep my teeshirt =) It was a fun fashion show of facial hair...everyone's was amazing! or rather as amazing as mustaches can be. I have been so busy lately with moving and packing for this trip.. and the next trip (leave in 3 days) I havent had time to post the band's shirts that I printed. Here they are, the drawing is from an old arkansas map that had these men standing with shot guns. R and I transformed them to guitars and they took on the characters that make up The Subcons! I have plenty so if you find yourself just really wanting one of these beauties they are 15 dollas...please feel free to ask! I will post more of our trip when I can...this is the first time I have used the wifi here, and there is not very good service (makes for a more peaceful vacations)