Sunday, April 19, 2009

Masters Moon Pie

At the masters golf tourney you can eat a great meal for about $3.50. Its amazing!! I found this masters moon pie in my hip bag's pocket the other day and was excited to have it as a snack outside of the masters. They offer basic sandwiches and other snacks along with beer and soda. The best combo is to put the chicken breast sandy on the pimento cheese sandy, YUM! I believe my mom came up with that combo. One of the mornings I was there around 6am they were serving breakfast and I decided to put the sausage from the sausage biscuit on the egg salad sandy..... It was delicious!! So if you every find yourself there try these combos, you will be happy you did! Here are a few of the pictures we took from the practice round on wed. april 8th.
The tables with the logos
Arnold Palmer
Justin Leonards kids as caddies
the leader board

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  1. My dad, who was from Augusta, used to say that there was no better snack and a moon pie and an RC cola.