Tuesday, April 7, 2009

doe a deer

Well, we traveled a lot today and are winding down now. Settling in the house in Augusta, GA, going to the practice round tomorrow. It was so wonderful to see my mom and sister and her kids, I missed them so much! Today I was checking some emails and got a few from some of the people we got to share the doe bay trip with. That really was a great trip, so many people came, and so much fun was had. I will prolly have to document it with a stick figure t-shirt=) (thats what I did for our 2nd doe bay trip last year...will post a pic later) We also went through the pics of the trip today and remembered the first day we were there we looked out of our cabin window and saw a little deer. He tinkled and it looked like my dog when he tries to squat (bad hips) The deer saw us and we looked at each other for a while until he ever so gently trotted away. Oh doe bay, what a wonderful place.

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