Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow, its been a while. I got back home after my trip out east a couple days ago and have been unpacking the house to make it our home. Really I have been procrastinating unpacking and reading the twilight series my fav. sister got me for mothers day. However I got the urge last night to sew a few projects, but I can't because the sewing machine is behind a few unpacked boxes so I decided to put the book down today, for awhile, and start unpacking.
Besides that, I was going to try and blog while I was away but I was having too much fun. I did a few crafts while I was there for my sister, she wanted a few t shirts with some logos on them so I got to it. Here are the photos:

"Nobody puts baby in the corner"
Expelliarmus! (Hogwart's Gryffindor crest)
"You're Killing Me Smalls" from the sandlot

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