Wednesday, January 26, 2011

week of 365

family slide time, action shot

at the childrens museum (were we caught the cold)
meet my little doggy

yummy cookies
love these little pony tails

back up to august in annapolis, sitting in her state

another august shot, taken while we were chasing butterflies

I am a few days late posting this because Tilly and I were sick most of the week. It started after we got home from the children's museum. A yukky stomach bug that was not fun at all. It was T's first time being really sick and it just broke my heart. So we spent a lot of time in our pajamas reading books and watching dora. I had to go back and get a few pictures from summer to share because I couldn't get it together this week. We feel much better today and have a few crafty things planned! 

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