Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lists, and Loot

Alright, I have a to do list of craft only things that's 2 pages long (they are small pages but 2 of them!) I also have to find a routine for me and this kiddo of mine that lets us both get the sleep we need, while being more domestic, and trying to get out more and/or having more people over to enjoy company. I've been working on this for a while but I get so lazy and put things off for 'tomorrow'. I've made up some excuses like having family in town for a week, and the weather changes, but I decided I can't do that anymore. I have got to get to work and scratch some things off the long list. The most important project at the moment is printing t shirts for the family reunion next month. I am trying something new with them so I hope it all comes together nicely! Once I am done with those I am hoping to get some projects done for me (ie: skirts and dresses) I've been reading this blog and was thinking I should do something similar to her 31 outfits in 31 days. Although looking ahead at the calendar it seems like it would be to overwhelming. At the same time it does sound like a fun challenge and I would love to push myself that way. I certainly have enough supplies to keep me going for a challenge, which brings me to my loot from today.

A lady was having a crazy fabric sale, she is moving and had to get rid of her 20+ boxes of fabric!! There was SOO much, I wish I had taken my camera this morning to show just how much there was. Some was good, some ify, and since I didnt have a lot of time I had to run through it all pretty quickly. I got about 10 yards of different fabrics and some blank t-shirts for $6!!
So now I am off to plan my week and hopefully fit in some projects, friends, cooking, and cleaning, and more projects?! Now that its all written I have to get to it. Right??As for sleep, my day will come soon...

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  1. Maybe don't try 31 in 31 days but may be 10 over a 31 day period works for me, if I try 31 in 31 days I get overwhelmed. It is called balance which I still can not get tight