Friday, July 31, 2009

The Toy Society

I found this street art blog on twitter and was so impressed. I immediately thought I had to do it. It was the perfect quick project (not on my list) that I needed to get back to sewing. Those t shirts really wore me out!! I also really wanted to try one of these nutcracker dolls, so I got all my supplies out and worked it up while T was sleeping. It was mostly hand sewing, very little on machine. Once I finished all the details I printed out the papers to go along, with her and placed her in the playground at doernbecher childrens hospital. I was so excited!! I sat inside for a little bit to see if any children went out, but no luck. I had to leave not knowing if she would be found at all, but I'm sure she will be! I am prolly going to go for a walk tomorrow to see if she is gone =) So I loved doing this, giving something for nothing, thinking that I would make some little ones day! I may have to do it again soon. But for now it will be on with my list, to which I have just added about 10 of these girls for all my little girl friends!

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