Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy August

August is my favorite month! It is my fav. number (8) and has my birthday at the end (24th), it also is usually filled with fun parties, sunshine, and good fresh food from the garden. I have decided to challenge my self to blog everyday this month, hoping that they will be filled with fun craftyness or just updates on what I am working on and how it is going. Obviously I didn't get a great start as today is the 2nd, but I was working on something yesterday until I got invited to one of those fun summer parties! I had the intention of posting last night but did not get home til 9 o'clock and I only had the energy to sing my sweet baby to sleep then fall asleep myself.
Today I am anxiously waiting for R to return from his conference, 5 days is to long! I do not know how my sister does it with a husband gone for 6 months over seas (he is in the navy)!! *4 more weeks J!
And for my craftyness today I will continue where I left off of the muslin I was working on yesterday, hopefully get that done so I can go pick out some cute material sometime this week. I will also make a cake, maybe even decorate to say ''glad you are back", because really you should have a cake to celebrate everything!
Also just to let you know I have some rhyme to my reason, I have planned out this month by picking 20 things from my never ending list to finish this month. Some are really easy, quick projects others will take some time. I mapped out the supplies needed for each project and I feel like I can get everything done, I think posting everyday will help push me to do a little bit each day =)

Just one more thing, On our walk this morning we went by the playground at dournbecher just to make sure the doll was gone, she was!! When we walked back home we passed some art work in the hospital. All ages with epilepsy and some with autism find there relief with drawing. Some had a little blurb written with them that was pretty inspiring. It made me want to make another doll and leave it next to the paintings....

Here is a picture (taken with phone) of a 4 yr olds drawing. Written below said that this was a self portrait with tears because some time seizures make her cry.

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