Saturday, August 22, 2009

Easy Skirt

While in Manzanita, OR I stumbled across a wonderful fabric store 'Creative Fabrics'. They had such a great variety of quilters' cottons, a lot of fun handmade things, oh and an amazing view. Baby T picked out a finger puppet and I picked out 3 different fabrics. One was this wonderful Alexander Henry 'favorite things' print. I got it out today and whipped up a very easy to make elastic skirt. I like it a lot but maybe I should have gone with a different look. Maybe put in a few pleats and a different color waistband, or just some darts and a facing.... I am going to wear it like this for a day or two and revisit it later.

*Just outside of the fabric store above the quilt hanging up was a bird's nest with the sweetest little babies waiting their turn for food from mama. I was able to capture this after my dorky pose in front of the shop =)

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