Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday and Toy Society

I turned 27 yesterday. We started the day off with breakfast, got up and went swimming. We came home and I finished up a little dress for another doll I made, then went for a walk to drop it at an outside play area in doernbecher childrens hospital. R left us to go study at the library so baby T and I walked around the area so we could check back by and see if someone found it. As I left the play area a family had arrived, by the time I got to the elevators that look at the area they had found it =) Hope they open, keep it, and love it!!
For this doll I changed it up and made her naked to begin with in hopes to make cute clothes for her. That didn't go so well, the body is just to hard to fit. I ended up making a dress with an elastic top out of some scrap bamboo fabric. I think she turned out pretty cute!!
The rest of the day was just as fun, and it was wonderful to celebrate with my little baby T, its her turn next. Only 2 more months... YIKES!

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    And yep, totally gushing and still celebrating the birthday too. Wishing you all the best for a fun crafty year ahead!