Friday, June 12, 2009


We are back from our trip. Made it home safe and sound, and its good to be home! I have a list a mile long to do but have just been bumming around all day. I think the problem is that my list is all in my head. I can see what has to be done around the house so I have been doing that little by little. The sewing list is what is so long, and I don't even know what is on that list! I will see something online or at home and think "I should write that down, I want to get that done soon" but I don't write it so I lose it until it comes back to me. It's like comedian Mitch Hedberg once said "I sit at my hotel at night, I think of something that's funny, then I go get a pen and I write it down. Or if the pen is too far away, I have to convince myself that what I thought of ain't funny". So I will go write my long list, and start the projects because it is just to much fun not to!
One thing I know will be on my list is joining in the Presserfoot sew along! I had so much fun sewing the bow tie for the burda style sew along that I have been looking for another one, and bonus this one is for me to keep.

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