Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best DADA Ever

Today T and I spent the morning making pancakes, singing, and dancing waiting for R to get up. After making the yummy pancakes we thought it would be wonderful to make a little cake for dada. We had seen this idea on martha stewarts website and thought it would be fun to make the top of the cake to look like the 16th hole from the masters (its a theme for our lives really). I whipped up the ingredients for a carrot cake only to find out to late that we are all out of carrots! Being in to much a rush to actually go get some, I just used coconut flakes that I had. It turned out to be pretty good, I also added in butterscotch chips and walnuts. The blue icing is obviously the pond, the green and tee are dyed coconut, the little sand traps are grahmcraker, and a little toothpick flag for the hole. We ate that for a late breakfast and headed out to enjoy the sum what sunny day. When we got home we grilled up some wonderful steak, baked some potatoes, and caramelized some onions. It was a fabulous meal only to be topped off by a fabulous desert, raspberries and strawberries in marionberry ice cream (brought to us by our lovely neighbors). I believe he had a delightful first fathers day.
Thank you R, you are the best father I have ever known!

*I also made him a bathing suit which I will have to post later. We didn't have time for pictures.

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