Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sewing Day

It was a successful sewing day. I think I completed everything I had planned to. I am starting up an etsy store, getting all the things done that need to be photographed. I won't show you all the tricks I have up my sleeve, but here is a little something I am particularly proud of. I drafted the pattern for these baby pants, great for crawling which baby T has been doing now for a week! I need to tweak one thing when I sew them but for the first pair they turned out GREAT! What do you think? I love the bottom of these pants--it makes it easier to turn them up and get more use out of them as baby gets longer. After a great sewing day R, baby T, and I went to go downtown for a scavanger hunt fittness challange. When we got on the tram it was a nice day out--but when we got off the tram at the base it was crazy windy and looked like rain was going to pour down on us any second. So we headed back home watching the porta pottys and long fences blow over as people stood by taking pictures and trying not to get too much pollen blown in their eyes. All I can say is thank goodness we had the rain cover for the stroller! We made it home right before the rain came but boy was it windy!!

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